Clean, Safe & Friendly

The BLVD Ambassadors are hand-picked by The BLVD Association to maintain a friendly, safe and clean atmosphere for our patrons to enjoy. They are on hand to not only augment the security of The BLVD and downtown district, but also to serve as ambassadors who can assist patrons as they frequent their favorite downtown destinations.

The BLVD Ambassadors’ roles are key to enhancing the atmosphere of the BLVD. Downtown Lancaster is already a very safe area. Thus, The BLVD Ambassadors focus on minor quality-of-life issues and customer engagement. The businesses greatly appreciate their presence and know they can always count on The BLVD Ambassadors, often at a moment’s notice.

The BLVD Ambassadors are part of a multi-pronged initiative by the Association’s Clean, Safe & Friendly Committee to ensure the continued cleanliness and safety of the downtown area. Other efforts include daily cleaning of the downtown area by Desert Haven Enterprises to augment the City of Lancaster’s services. Additionally, the Clean & Safe Committee works closely with the City of Lancaster and the County of Los Angeles to address homelessness.
MARCH 2020 UPDATE: The BLVD Ambassadors dedicated the entire month to upholding the safety of the general public, businesses, as well as the cleanliness of The Blvd downtown district. In partnership with Streetplus, we ensure that our Ambassadors have everything they need to keep the BLVD safe and clean! Streetplus is the industry leader in supplying Cleaning, Safety, and Hospitality services to Downtowns and Improvement Districts.

Together, we are also closely monitoring up-to-date information about the novel COVID-19 and doing our best to comply with city, county and state mandates and recommendations as they come. The Ambassadors, Desert Haven and Streetplus have amped up cleaning efforts, sanitizing benches, fixtures and more daily.

Please continue to support our local businesses anyway you can. They are feeling this very much right now. Order take-out!

Stay healthy everyone! We are all in this together and will get through it by remaining calm, vigilant and proactive. We look forward to brighter days once this has passed!

In addition to the hygiene and sterilization guidelines laid out by the CDC and LA County Depart. of Public Health, the following recommendations by Public Health, as it relates to the Blvd, remain:

-Avoid public gatherings, or places where large groups of people congregate, if you are at higher risk of getting very sick from infection, such as the elderly (65 or older), people with underlying health conditions, and pregnant women.
-Avoid travel to all areas where there are outbreaks of COVID-19.
-Follow all social distancing recommendations issued by Public Health.
-If you are mildly sick with a fever, stay home until you have been fever-free for 72 hours, except to get medical care.
-Those with high risk factors and who have fever or new or worsening cough, should consider contacting their providers as soon as possible when they are sick.