Pretty Little Poppy Marketplace

Pretty Little Poppy Marketplace

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About Pretty Little Poppy Marketplace

Marketplace for local vendors specializing in handcrafted goods and services.

This retail business is a hub for local artisans. It is a place where people can come and buy local, get inspired and grow their business.

PLP Marketplace houses anywhere from 90-100 small business owners, all within their 4 walls. The businesses are composed of local artisans, 98% of which are women and mothers. PLP’s owner, Brenda Hernandez, is considered the “incubator” for small businesses. They help people get started, grow and expand their business. They host workshops where vendors can share their craft with others. Also, there are monthly meet and greet pop ups. In 9 months, they sold over 7,500 items and housed over 250 local vendors. (2/2/2023)

PLP Marketplace also hosts a non profit program called The Carpenters Daughter. It has four programs; the most notable being for our local youth entrepreneurs. There is no cost for them to be hosted within the marketplace, only gains! They get to sell their creations, gaining valuable retail experience which helps build their resumes. PLP does not take any commission off these young entrepreneur’s sales. 

“I am big on giving back to our community and supporting all in any way that I can. ” - Brenda Hernanadez

Vendor inquiries, and for more information, please contact Brenda Hernandez: [email protected]


730 West Lancaster Blvd. Suite 103 Get Directions