Alan Parsons Live Project

Alan Parsons Live Project - September 14th @ 8:00 pm

Alan Parsons Live Project
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It was Alan Parson's genius as a sound engineer for Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon which gained him the attention of the music world, and has since enloed unorecedented success as a producer, songwirter and preformer. This 11-time Grammy Award nominee, Les Paul Award winner and progrssive rick icon perfomrs his greatest hits including "Games People Play", Eye In The Sky", "I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You", abd "Don't Answer Me." You will not want to miss this legend of the music world. 

Sponsered by the Anelope Valley Press.

Admission Details: $54 - $79
Event Details: 8:00pm - 4:00pm @ Lancaster Performing Arts Center