Portland Cello Project

Portland Cello Project - January 20th @ 8:00 pm

Portland Cello Project
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“It doesn’t get much more genre-crossing than this.” - MTV.com

Since the group’s inception in 2007, the Portland Cello Project has captivated audiences throughout the country with their extravagant performances; developing a genre mixing reputation by blurring musical lines between styles to redefine traditional perceptions. No two shows by the Cello Project are alike! With a repertoire numbering over 1,000 pieces, the Cello Project runs the gamut, from classical music and movie themes, to jazz standards, pop and hip-hop - all arranged by members of the group. Perfect for music lovers of all ages, the Portland Cello Project promises a night of fun with familiar songs played in a way you never expected to hear.

Admission Details: $24, $19, Youth $10 Unless otherwise indicated, this event is available for packaging as Pick 6 and Pick 10 level subscriptions. Contact the LPAC Box Office for more information about how you can save up to 15% on your purchase today.
Event Details: 8:00pm - 4:00pm @ Lancaster Performing Arts Center