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The BLVD Story
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The BLVD History

The BLVD History

There was a time in America when downtown was the center of community activity. The good restaurants were all downtown, alongside the great theaters, galleries and museums. People
flocked downtown to see and be seen. But by the latter years of the 20th century, downtowns had lost their luster, giving way to mega-malls and big-box stores. Along the way we also lost a sense of community, the shared experience that brought us together.

The BLVD is Lancaster’s endeavor to bring back the downtown experience, with a decidedly
modern twist. It is part of a wider trend to create inviting new spaces for people to mix and mingle throughout the day by combining work places and living spaces along with dining, cultural and entertainment spots all in one locale. It is a place where the community comes to celebrate, enjoy good friends and meet their neighbors.

Whether you call it Main Street or 5th Avenue, Hollywood and Highland or South Beach, many
popular cities have reinvigorated their downtown districts in recent years to draw residents and
visitors back together. In Lancaster, we’ve adopted the moniker The BLVD for the section of Lancaster Boulevard between 10th Street West and Sierra Highway and the surrounding business district. A $10 million dollar public outlay in infrastructure has led the way to over $100 million in private-sector investment to build The BLVD into the Antelope Valley’s new destination for shopping, dining and entertainment.
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